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Catch Up With Us At Stairs4u For Custom Stair Nosing

The next time you are planning for Modern custom stair nosing in Etobicoke or West End, you are invited to give us a call at Stairs4u. We have years of experience in manufacturing some of the best stair nosing, which is again made customized for the sake of matching flexible needs and requirements. Nosing, in layman’s term, can be defined as protruding and horizontal edge of the stair where most of the primary foot traffic takes place. These stair parts can be well manufactured from various materials like vinyl, wood and aluminum.

Best Modern wood stair nosing for you:

Most of the time, we have seen our customers claiming for best ever Modern wood stair nosing among the available lot. Wood is one material, which is readily available. But, we make it a point to actually go through and get the best wooden materials for manufacturing customize stair nose.

  • Once manufactured, we will test the items out for their long lasting ability
  • Not only durability, but we will test the stair nose under multiple circumstances to know more about their strength
  • We will add proper grip to the stair nose to prevent further stair based injuries like fall and more

Help from us for stair nosing installation:

Buying the best stair nose is not the end of story as you have to install it well. You can do that easily once you have us by your side. We are pro when it comes to stair nosing installation and glad to help you big time.

  • We will make it a point to install stair nose for you so that you don’t have to take up the hassle
  • We will test it out to see if our installation is up to the mark or not
  • If you want some warranty for our services, we can get you that as well

Proud of our wooden stair nosing:

We are rather proud of our wooden stair nosing in Etobicoke or West End and would like to help all those people in need. We don’t mind offering discounts on some of the selected stair nose for a limited time only. So be fast if you don’t want to miss out the option.